Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lego Cleanup!


I saw a post on another blogger's page and found some inspiration. So we have spent the last few days doing some major Lego cleaning around here! I know kind of an odd thing to focus on, but the bins were making me crazy. We had most of Trev's Legos in one big bin and while this kind of worked it also made it hard to find things. So he would dump about half out when looking for that one piece needed to finish his creation. Plus when things got picked up not only Legos would end up in the bin and it was impossible to clean. So after seeing this great post on Mrs. Jones blog. We had a new plan!


The labels are so cute and it looked like something worth at least trying. So we headed to IKEA and got some smaller bins for a shelf already in Trev's room and started sorting! Now it is much better organized and easier to deal with. We will see if it works and they stay this way!

IMG_6058 IMG_6066


Joey said...

Awesome job! I remember my mom trying to organize our legos(me & my 4 brothers, we had TONS & TONS of legos) and she always bought bins with lids, which we hated because lifting a lid takes extra effort. ;) Sounds trivial and lazy but I really think the IKEA bins you bought are perfect, super easy to drop legos into! No lid lifting required.

Michelle said...

Ugh, we have tried everything else. Maybe age will change things though..

Proud Mama said...

I have seen this in the blogosphere. Very nice

Joey said...

Gave you a Blog Award on my most recent blog post.