Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Toys :)

New Books
Well my stitching from the last post isn't done yet. Progressing, but needs to be finished up tonight while watching some fluff t.v. But when it is done I have a lot more projects to choose from! Today I got two books I ordered with a gift card I got for Christmas. I am so excited to make some of the projects from them. I have been looking at these books for awhile but it was nice to be able to order them guilt free :)

We also got something fun for Trevor today.


Yes, a manual typewriter! It is so cool. He loves it and was excited to sit down and write a few little notes to people when we got home with it. It needs a little love and a new ribbon but other than that it is great. We got a great tip from another homeschooler that is was at Goodwill waiting to find a new home so we ran over and snatched it up. So far we are very happy with it and it has encouraged some writing. So we hope that continues!



Meng Kiat Janis said...

very cool, what a beautiful typewriter! I actually used one to type my notes when I was in school!