Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Crafting


1. Christmas Quilt, 2. Butterfly dress-up cape, 3. Magnetic "paper" dolls, 4. This years calendar., 5. Bat dress-up cape, 6. IMG_0174, 7. Jewlery making box, 8. Christmas Quilt, 9. Tiny Pies

I love making gifts for people so Christmas tends to be a hard time of year for me. I want to make gifts for everyone but no one has that kind of time. So instead of enjoying the holidays I end up over extended and stressed. So the last few years I have made a promise to myself not to make gifts for everyone. Instead I pick a few things for people I know will enjoy them. So here are a few things I made this year. It was a nice year. One where I got to sleep :)


Becky said...

These are all really beautiful :)