Monday, January 24, 2011

Cake and Stiching

Bird in Progress
Here is my latest project. It is a bird, I think it will become part of a mug rug but I'm not sure yet. I just needed to make something. So I looked through the patterns I had collected on the computer and started stitching it up Sunday. I'm not sure what it's destiny is, but it's cute!

I also thought I would share a cake I made a few weeks ago. I took pictures as I made it so I could share it with you all so you could see the process. I think it is kind of amazing how a cake, 2 cupcakes, and some rice krispy treats turn into a dino!

Monty's Dino
Here you can see everything just put together. I stacked two cupcakes and shaped them a little to make the head. The body is made with the cake pan that you stick a doll in to make a princess. It's a Wonder pan by Wilton. Then the neck and tail are rice krispy treats you shape while still warm. the trick to this is spraying your hands with Pam or something like it. Seriously if you don't you end up super sticky!

Monty's Dino
Frosting in my favorite bowl :) Just sharing cause I luv it!

Monty's Dino
Monty's Dino
Crumb coat and then smoothed out.

Monty's DinoMonty's Dino
Add fondant details...

Monty's Dino
And all done with the sand (graham cracker crumbs). I think he turned out really cute.


Joey said...

BOTH the bird and the cake are AWESOME! Thanks for the photos during and after, it's fun to see the process!

Proud Mama said...

Wonderful job! I love them both. Wanna make cakes for my kiddos.

janis said...

Amazing cake, and cute bird!
seriously, you haven't quit your job yet?!

Crafty Christine said...

H- You know I would make cakes for your kiddos. I <3 them!

And Janis if I could find a way I would :)