Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Crafting Part 1!

Well there was lots of crafting done for Christmas. I have many photos to share so this may take a few posts. I did lots of sewing for our Polar Express trip this year. I made us all matching robes and pajama pants. There are more pictures of that I will put up on our family blog. I made a gourd snowman for my uncle. I think he turned out really cute. He is Harley-Davidson themed. Here is a close up of his hat.

I also dyed and painted a water melon dress. ( There are painted on seeds but you can't really see them in the photo!)

Decotated some goodie boxes!

Made money note pads

A sea themed tree.

A crown for my Trevor!


Glen & Karen Hagy said...

Cool stuff Christine. Thanks for sharing it. Happy New Year! Love, Glen & Karen

Becky said...

I didn't realize the pj's were THAT cute! They are adorable!! - becky